Pirates grill Rajouri- The extraordinary flavour of Delhi

Amazing food at pirates grill rajouri

Pirates grill Rajouri is one of trendiest restaurants in western Delhi. The amazing buffet restaurant is situated in Rajouri garden among all the trendy cafes and other Punjabi theme dining restaurants. The ambiance and food of the pirates are the most amazing qualities that separate it from the rest of the food joints in the area.

Important facts and points about Pirates grill Rajouri-

  1. The restaurant pirates  grill rajouri garden is located in one of the prime shopping locations in Delhi.
  2. The interiors of the place are trendy and very much subtle and classy.
  3. The most important aspect about pirates is the cleanliness of the restaurant. The whole area, including the open kitchen and the restrooms, are neat and clean.
  4. The overall food quality and taste are amazing. Both vegetarian and non -vegetarian food items are very good.
  5. The best food items are- prawns, chicken Gurdaspuri, chicken tikka, rogan josh and Dahi kebabs are the special items which one must try.
  6. The deserts are also equally good and worth trying.
  7. The restaurant must be tried by everyone once in every while to tickle their taste buds.
Amazing and delicious food
Amazing and delicious food

Author’s reviews on pirates grill rajouri-

The place is one of my favourite places as I genuinely love the food. But the honest verdict about pirates of grill Rajouri will be presented in the following rating and reviews sections below-

1. Food- 4/5-
The food here is amazing and the taste can tickle anyone’s taste buds. The only issue is for vegetarians regarding the less variety in the appetisers.

2. Service- 3/5-
The waiters and the other service staff is well trained and organised, but as the restaurant gets chaotic the waiters start to mess up orders and the place loses its charm.

3. Ambiance- 3.5/5-
The place has a nice and quiet ambiance most of the times. But sometimes rowdy or noisy groups mess up the place and the repeated complaints are of no use.

4. Cleanliness- 4/5-
The place is clean and tidy and has no issues regarding this.

5. Overall rating-3.8/5-
My overall experience with pirates grill rajouri has been very good and there have been no issues so far. The restaurant is one of my favourite hangout spots and everyone should try it to get an essence of Delhi.

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