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Amazing YOLO Shakes

Delhi, the national capital of India, is also the Food capital. The diversity and unusual flavors of Delhi make it the most amazing and pocket-friendly city for the foodies. The multi-cultural diversity is clearly visible in the amazing cuisines of Delhi. The cafes provide the most exciting and unique cuisines in Delhi. The trend of cafes and lounges is seen on the rise from the past couple of years, and Delhi is home to some of the most amazing cafes. The cafes in Connaught Place, Khan Market, Hauz Khas Village, Shahpur Jat and GTB Nagar are the great hangout slots for Delhites. The cafes in GTB Nagar are incredible and economic and the food there is lip smacking. So here is a list of top five cafes GTB Nagar that one must visit while they are searching for good hangout spots.


amazing chicken cheese burger with fries
amazing chicken cheese burger with fries

Top five cafes GTB Nagar

The area, especially Hudson Lane s  near the North campus of Delhi University and  is famous for its economic cafes and hangout places. The area filled with paying guests and other students is perfect for hangout with friends and peers. The location which is home to a number of cafes and restaurants has some of Delhi’s most famous hangout joints. Though trying and testing every cafe is a hefty task, one can always figure out the best hangout tasks. The list of top five cafes of GTB Nagar will help the first time visitors to make it to the selected and best cafes.

Big Yellow Door (B.Y.D cafe)

The Big Yellow Door is one of the most famous cafes in the GTB Nagar area, in Hudson Lane. The café is one of the oldest serving cafes in the area and is known for its amazing taste and innovative cooking. The café is most economical in its category and only costs for about 500 to 600 bucks for a couple. The most famous BYD bomb burger and Rocky Road Shake are a must to try. The menu and cuisines of BYD are unique, and one must visit the place to get a real first-hand experience. The café is in Hudson Lane near the north campus of Delhi University and also in Satya Niketan in South Campus of Delhi University. The BYD is one the most famous cafes in top fives cafes GTB Nagar.

BYD bomb burger- Credits- Mayank Diwaker
BYD bomb burger

YOLO 21 cafe

The shakes and dessert fans can relish on the amazing shakes of YOLO 21. The café is also located in Hudson lane of GTB Nagar and is a fantastic place to hang out with friends. The café is full of different cuisines and foodstuffs but the shakes and desserts are personally tried by me and are one of the best in the entire area. The people who have cravings for sugar can relish their taste buds with the fabulous desserts. The Oreo Shake, Choco-caramel shake, and Nutella shake are one of the best bets.

Choco Fudge of YOLO
Choco Fudge of YOLO

Ricos cafe- top five cafes of GTB Nagar

The fantastic Italian food which is the weakness of many people can be relished at RICOS. RICOS is one of the most amazing cafes in the area of GTB Nagar and is located on the Central Hudson Lane. The spaghetti Bolognaise and the spicy Arrabiata pasta are some of my personal favorites. The classy new interiors of the renovated RICOS also adds to the great ambiance of the café.

The WoodBox Cafe

The Woodbox Café in the inside lanes of Hudson in GTB Nagar is one of the different themed cafes in the entire area. The restaurant is built on wooden square structure, and the interiors are a bit unique and different. The café famous for its shakes and appetizers has one of the best cheese nachos in the area. The melted cheese spread over the crispy nachos makes it a lip smacking delight for the foodies.

Roof Top Cafe

The new addition to the list of top five cafes GTB Nagar is the ROOF TOP Café. The multi-storied restaurant is famous for its unique interiors and roof top dining. The café has a unique and nice menu and cuisines in it which make it a very chilled out happening spot in the area. The pasta with special mint sauce is a must have. Apart from it, the Maggie cheese sandwich is a unique new dish of Maggie filled with tempting liquid cheese. The new innovative style of dishes with whole new flavor and the amazing taste is the reason it is on the list of the top five cafes of GTB Nagar.

The amazing white sauce pasta
The amazing white sauce pasta

The list of cafes in GTB Nagar is long and never ending but the best of these top five cafes of GTB Nagar are a must visit and should not be missed if you are hopping the place.

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