Solang valley- experience the unexperienced

Landscape view of Solang Valley

Solang Valley is the trending tourist destination of Manali during every season of the year. The Solang is known as the pulse of Manali’s tourism industry. The valley plays host to millions of tourist annually and mesmerizes everyone with its natural beauty and quiet charm. The lush green valley surrounded by the snow clad mighty Himalayas and small streams mountain falls make the valley a dream landscape, and a should be on every itinerary of Manali.

Solang Valley- overview and important points-

  • The Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of the world, resembling a lot to the beautiful Gulmarg Valley of Kashmir.
  • The name of the Valley came from the nearby Solang village.
  • The Solang Valley plays home to plays home to numerous adventurous sports depending on the weather.
  • The summers interests people who want to do: paragliding, zopling, horse riding and forest hiking.
  • In winters during heavy snowfalls skiing and ice scooters are a major tourist attraction.
  • Apart from these adventures sports, the rope-way of Solang Valley plays an important part in attracting most tourist.
  • The rope-way fetches the tourist from the valley to the top of the mountain.
  • The breathtaking and mesmerizing view from the top of the mountain is something words cannot describe.
  • Many small streams via the Solang Valley, join the Beas river.
  • The Valley is the vital cog in the tourism machinery of Manali.

Anjani Mahadev- The vital part of Solang Valley-

The Valley also houses an ancient Shiva temple known as Anjani Mahadev. The temple is situated on a two kilometres uphill trek from the middle ground and houses one of the most ancient temples of the State of Himachal Pradesh. The Anjani Mahadev also called the  Amarnath of Kullu, is a snow Shivling formed in winters and is considered auspicious among the locals. The scenic trek towards Anjani Mahadev is the most fantastic and charming view, and the beauty and serenity of the place is beyond comparison. The Anjani Mahadev is not very famous, but one should visit the temple, to witness the greatness of nature.

Author’s personal note-

The Solang Valley is one of personal favorites. The natural beauty of the place is no doubt one of the best and the authentic Himachali cuisine adds to it. Apart from the beauty the adventure sports, gondola ride, nature trails and most importantly the peaceful trekking are all the things that make Solang an important part of my itinerary of Manali.

Though Solang is open almost during every season, I like to visit the place during the later part of March. The scarce snow and less population make the place more happening, and one can spend time in peace and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere.

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