Manali weather- The essence of nature

The scenic manali weather

Manali weather is the most confusing as well as the most interesting topic regarding the hill station. The most visited tourist destination in north India, Manali experiences all the seasons prevalent in the world. The summers are dry and arid with mercury soaring up to 40. The monsoons are the most dangerous seasons to visit as the town witness’s heavy landslides. The winters are the toughest. Heavy snowfall and high power cuts make it difficult to survive. The autumns and springs are pleasant and attract a huge number of tourists.

Amazing tips and facts about Manali weather-

  • The weather of Manali is the most amazing aspect of the hill station.
  • The weather remains cool and comforting in the night, during peak summers.
  • This is because of its proximity to the snow-capped Himalayas.
  • The mountains of Manali are prone to rainfall as soon as heat increases.
  • The increase in heat creates low pressure and thus results in rainfall, making it the ideal hill station for tourists liking.
  • The Geographical location of Manali makes it a scenic paradise.
  • The Manali weather in winters is a bit harsh on tourist but is the most liked of all seasons.
  • The heavy snow is a majestic sight to the eyes.
  • Monsoons are the most beautiful seasons for exploring the town.
  • The beautiful green scenery and the lush green meadows with colourless water droplets make the town more attracting and intimidating.
  • The weather of Manali plays the most important role in the inflow of tourist.

Author’s take on Manali weather-

Manali is just like my second home. I have been to Manali more than anywhere else in my entire life till now. The most important aspect about me writing this blog is the fact that I have seen Manali in all the seasons. The Manali weather is the most intriguing and interesting topic I have ever written about. In my personal experience, the most amazing season to explore the hill station is early March.

The scanty snowfall with moderate rain and mixed greenery make it the most amazing place in the weather. The less tourist population adds to the wanderlust exploration. The amazing vagabond inside me always gets excited to see the clean riverside with fewer people and other living beings. The snow covered mountains filled with little green patches of trees makes the soul happy and that is why I visit Kullu Manali almost every year.

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