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Maqbara i Paik  Delhi or the tomb of the unknown messenger and foot soldier is a small tomb located near the Mukarba Chowk flyover on the outskirts of Delhi.Though  not of a very significant historical importance the tomb is considered to be of the Mughal period.

Maqbara i Paik Delhi
Maqbara i Paik Delhi







History of Maqbara i Paik;

The Maqbara-i-Paik is a small architectural remain of the Mughal era. Though not important it can be studied and thus seen over as an important structure. The tomb which is situated near Badli(Outer Delhi) must be made up in to appreciate the sacrifice of the Mughal foot soldier and messenger. The area of Badli was used as a Sarai  (rest house) during the long haul journey of Mughal  troops. The Mughal capital which was Delhi had a garrison establishment in in outer Delhi Area and thus the monument was constructed to lift up the morale of the troops.


The Tomb is in shape of a octagon situated on a high platform made up of lime bricks and plaster.Inside the tomb is the mausoleum of the unknown soldier. The structure is closed because of miscreants but lighting flame and grave draped in a green color cloth can be seen. The structure is surrounded by a lush green garden and remains an untouched area and thus the beauty of the place is still very much intact.

Maqbara i Paik
arial view of the Maqbara-i-Paik Delhi

How to reach Maqbara i Paik;

The architectural gem is located beneath the Mukarba chowk flyover on Delhi- Chandigarh bypass road. The structure often goes unnoticed but if you are planning to pay it a visit you the best option is either a DTC bus like; OMS or teerva Mudrika are the known ones and mukarba chowk is the bus stop or by Delhi Metro the nearest metro stations are; Jahangirpuri or Haiderpur Badli mod.

Delhi has numerous tombs scattered all over the city and we don’t even know who lies underneath in some cases! Mostly, they belong to various members of the royalty and famous personalities but the Maqbara i Paik is one of the finest structures dedicated to the unknown soldier. Now this little gem makes the history of Delhi more interesting.

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