Haunted places Delhi- The mystery surrounding Delhi

Haunted places Delhi

Haunted places Delhi is one of the most interesting and intriguing topics that the users search every day. The topic of ghosts and spirits and a world of paranormal activities is often researched and seen with a very different and critiqued point of view. Delhi’s most horror places is a hot topic to research and write.The article focuses on the most haunted places in the capital city of Delhi and their unique features. The article also gives an in-depth analysis on the reasons of how and why the places turned haunted and evil. The article will thoroughly update you about the haunted places in Delhi.

The list of haunted places Delhi-

  1. Delhi Cantonment–  The area of Delhi cantonment, along with Brar square is the most haunted area of Delhi. Spanned across the area of many acres along with deep dark woods and many dark roads, the area has witnessed many unnatural sightings during the night. The famous white lady ghost who sprints along with cars is also supported by many people here. The area has witnessed lots of unnatural deaths and activities during recent times.
  2. Agrasen ki Baoli–  Agrasen ki Baoli is also one of the most haunted places Delhi. The medieval era step-well is famous for its mystical nature. The Ugrasen ki Baoli was known to store black water, which drove all the negative and depressed people to commit suicide. The Rajaon ki Baoli had black magic to hypnotize people. According to the sayings, the Agarsen ki Baoli is still unsafe at night and many negative and unnatural vibes can be felt there.
  3. Khooni Nadi – The Khooni Nadi is also known as the Munak canal is in the Rohini area of Delhi. The channel is famous for all the wrong reasons. People have died and committed suicide in the stream. It is considered that there is a force inside the water which drives people to commit suicide and the effect becomes stronger in the night. The list of deaths and accidents in the canal is exhausting, and many people have reported paranormal activities near the canal. All these accounts make the stream scary and perfectly suitably fits the title of Khooni Nadi in the haunted places Delhi.
  4. Lothian Cemetery – The Lothian Cemetery is in the heart of Delhi. Constructed in the British era to commemorate the British troops of Sepoy mutiny, the cemetery tells the untold love story of headless Nicholson. The Spirit of Nicholson still haunts the place and scares the skin out of people. The Lothian cemetery is one of the most haunted places Delhi.

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