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 Dustylensindia here provides an overview about India and its rich cultural heritage. The website is all about introducing and blending people with India and its cultural, traditional, aesthetical, historical and moral values. The website showcases India through pictures and also tells amazing facts regarding the places covered in it.

Overview about dustylensindia-

The website gives an insight on my personal travel diaries. As the author i like to share my personal experiences on the places i visit and read about. The website is a kind of photo blog and also requires interaction from all visitors. The major motto of the website is to promote the idea of incredible India.

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Author dustylensindia-
The author is a travel freak who generally visits every time he gets a chance. A student and not a flash, so from budget hotels to all the heritage five star resorts, one can find  every information with a first hand experience of the author personally.
The website overall tells you about why and how and where and when to travel in India and guides you at every point of time.