Naggar- Travelling beyond the explored

The beautiful landscape from Naggar castle

Naggar is a small settlement in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The town is at equal distance from both Kullu and Manali. The city of Naggar historically, culturally and commercially adds depth to the tourism circuit of Manali. The trail to this small settlement is very intriguing and informative and adds another value to the trip of Manali.

Naggar castle and other important places-

The town was historically the kingdom of Naggar during the medieval era. The Rajas or the rulers of the area were local landlords in charge of the local areas. The Castle got constructed in 1460 by Raja Sidh Singh. The castle is on a hilltop overlooking the entire Kullu valley and Beas basin. The architectural style of the castle is a blend of western and mountainous architecture.

The palace is a three storied wooden structure fitted with a slope on the top. Rocks and plastered boulders add to the strength of the castle with the vigorous and robust wooden logs. The construction of the palace is still sturdy and firm as it is still standing strong as it has been through so many rough weather conditions, but its beauty keeps on enhancing with each passing day.

The Castle also houses the Jagathpatti temple. An ancient temple made out of local cedar woods and granite in a small courtyard. The temple is very auspicious for locals and is focal point of the annual fair. The temple is famous for its very poignant rule of “prohibition of leather items in the premises”. According to the rule no leather items allowed in the courtyard of the temple.

Jagathpatti Temple
Jagathpatti Temple

The other famous attractions at Naggar are- Uruswati Art gallery, Gauri Shankar Temple, Local market, Jana falls, Wooden village and the beautiful forest trails of the settlement. The route from Naggar to Jana falls is a fifteen kilometre beautiful mountain stretch and is the perfect scenic route which can be enjoyed best on a bicycle.

Author’s view on Naggar-

As an amateur traveller and explorer, every new place fascinates me, but the settlement of Naggar had a different aura and charm in its beauty. The peace, serenity and the quietness of the site are all important aspects, but more importantly, the sweet nature of this settlement touches my heart. The small town is not only loaded with scenic and picturesque views but also has a very pleasant and friendly culture. The visit to Naggar is an important part of my Manali diaries.

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