Lothian Cemetery- The haunted past of Delhi

The Lothian Cemetery Delhi

Lothian cemetery is one of the most haunted places in the capital city of Delhi. The cemetery, better known as the Nicholson cemetery is one of the most famous, yet the scariest places to visit in Delhi. The cemetery is famous for its nature and the stories which made the cemetery one of the 10 most haunted places in Delhi.

History of Lothian Cemetery-

  • The cemetery dates to the nineteenth century British era.
  • The cemetery is typical Orthodox Christian burial ground.
  • The burial was constructed to commemorate the British soldiers who lost their lives during the revolt of 1857.
  • The Nicholson cemetery is named after the famous British soldier Nicholas Nicholson.
  • According to the sayings, the ghost of Nicholson is still haunting the place.
  • The story of Nicholson is very cruel and heart-breaking.
  • The history says that Nicholson was cheated by his love interest and he sacrificed his life in the cemetery.
  • He blew his head with a gun and gave his life.
  • Till date his haunted spirit is seen at the burial ground.
  • The spirit of the dead soldier is prominent on new moon nights.
  • Some love stories are always incomplete, I guess it might be true in the case of the dead Nicholson also.

The Lothian cemetery information.

The Lothian cemetery location in Delhi-

The Lothian burial ground is situated in the heart of Delhi, near the Red fort. The cemetery is next to the old GPO, or the General Post Office. People from various parts of Delhi visit the Lothian Cemetery during the daytime to offer prayers and to feel the essence of the place. The most important part about this burial ground is the silence. The silence which is soothing for most of the people, also haunts many.

Author’s personal note on Lothian cemetery-

The strange silence and the air of uncertainty struck me as soon as I entered the burial ground from the black gate. The black clouds were clattering above and it started drizzling in the haunted Nicholson cemetery. The negative vibes made me a bit skeptical about the surroundings and about Nicholson’s story. The settings of the area were perfect for a horror movie, but hidden behind the silence was the dreadful exorcist stories of the place. The Lothian cemetery is surely the perfect haunted place in Delhi that can scare the skin out of you.

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