Haunted places in Delhi- khooni nadi

Khooni nadi- huanted places delhi

Khooni nadi or the bloody river is one of the most haunted sites in the outer Delhi. The Munak canal flowing through the Rohini area of Delhi marks the boundary of the Khooni Nadi. Walking past the clear road parallel to the channel, one can feel the negative vibe that passes through the mind every time you watch the flowing water. The canal has an extensive list of people dying and giving up their lives in the canal. The list of accidents is even bigger, the rotten dead bodies and the rotting souls may well be the reason behind the scary nature of the channel.

Overview of the Khooni nadi-

The Munak canal branches off from the Yamuna and enters Delhi via Haryana. The canal is the main source of water for major parts of Delhi. It is referred as the Khooni nadi because of accidents it has witnessed. Annually the major disasters are seen during the three-day Chath Puja festival, where many women are drawn with the flow of water while fasting. The horrific accounts of black magic and cursing are also witnessed in the secluded areas of the road parallel to the channel, adding to the mystery and nature of the Khooni nadi.
The most famous story of a labour and his wife’s spirit wandering near the canal is still considered to be true. According to the sources in the year of 1996, a worker and his wife died during the construction of a bridge on the canal in Rohini. The story of their painful death and the accounts of their restless spirits is still very much prevalent in the entire area.

Eyewitnesses account about the Khooni nadi-

According to many eyewitnesses, they have heard and observed many strange incidents with them during night time. In June 2001, during December, two policemen admitted having seen a woman in a white saree outside their police beat asking for help. The policemen were horrified and ran for help.  The woman vanished into thin air as soon as people and other police officers arrived. The common misbelief among people was that once you enter the khooni nadi, you are drawn by a mysterious force. The misconception is a myth as children beat the heat every day in the canal itself. And nobody has ever reported anything suspicious.

The canal is considered to be on the list of top most haunted places in Delhi, but it is not very well known. Even today most of the locals are unaware of the name and fame the canal has, for every negative reason. There is no concrete evidence to suggest the mystical nature of the channel, but if the eyewitnesses and local sayings are to believed, there is still the little element of negativity and uneasiness in the air near the canal. The title of Khooni nadi is bestowed upon it for some reason, a reason well unknown to all of us.

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