Haunted places in delhi- spooky tail of house-W-3 Greater Kailash

Haunted views of W-3 Greater Kailash

W-3 Greater Kailash seems to be just an ordinary address of Delhi. The address, however, defines a horrifying and gruesome tragedy in the history of Delhi, that gave birth to Delhi’s one of the most haunted places. The house number W-3 in GK-1 is just like other locked homes of Delhi, calm and quiet. But as soon as the night falls the house changes its color, strange things and unnatural activities start within the premises of the house. The imagination of such scenes can assure Goosebumps. The real truth and facts of the house are yet unknown, uncertain and undiscovered.

History and facts about W-3 Greater Kailash-

  • In the year 1986 an elderly couple, the Kauls were murdered by a self-styled god man.
  • The motive of the killing was property and wealth, and the police also revealed the involvement of many relatives.
  • The bodies of the couple got dumped in an underground water tank.The bodies were discovered much later in a semi-decomposed state.
    The couple did not have any legal heir, so the house was left abandoned for years.
    The residents believed that the ghosts of the couple haunted the house and did not let anyone reside there.
    For many years people reported negative forces, strange sounds, crying of women and other paranormal activities near the house.
    House number W-3 Greater Kailash-1 is one of the most haunted places in Delhi.

Real myths busted about W-3 Greater Kailash-

The myths and stories regarding the house being ghost house has been proved inconclusive at various points. The guard stationed outside W-1 has rubbished all the claims of W-3 being a haunted house. Most of the neighbors have rejected the theory of the house being a haunted. According to the recent updates, the house was bought by a family, and they got redecorated. The current status of the house is not known.

Author’s personal note on the house W-3 Greater Kailash-

The evening chill of December was setting the temperature perfect for an evening stroll in an overcrowded Greater Kailash-1 lane. The road where the house W-3 is looks like a typical posh Delhi colony. The path filled with dry cold air of negativity and an aroma of suspense. As soon as I reached near the house, my mind started thinking, “what if someone is looking at me”? The fear psychosis began to play with my soul, and I trusted all the possible theories.

The overall inspection of the house from outside and chat with nearby guards, laundry people and other people gave me some confidence and proved the theories wrong. However, the argument and the debate of whether the house has spirits or not still hangs in the balance.

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