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Delhi Cantonment is considered as the most haunted place in the entire Delhi region. The cantonment covers an area of approximately 10 acres has many small but thick forest trails. The outer cantonment area also has a railway line running amidst the woods and a station known as Brar Square station. The Delhi Cantonment houses the Indian army units and other strategic military installations. The open and vast surroundings and the less human interaction makes Delhi Cantonment an incredibly scary, especially during the night.

Overview and History of Delhi Cantonment-

The cantonment of Delhi was established by the British, in the early nineteenth century. The haunted nature of the Cantonment because of a vast number of cemeteries. Stories of spirits and strange sightings are often reported. The sightings of British officers and soldiers buried in the cemeteries are often reported. Apart from this, the thick forest trails and pitch black night sky adds to the fear and makes psychological fear stronger. The several unknown sightings and strange incidents always keep’s the Cantonment in the spotlight.

Eyewitness’s account of Delhi Cantonment-

The terrifying tales of horror and spirits can be felt in this very part of Delhi.  Quite a several people report the incidents of woman ghost running fervently with cars over many years. The events of the lady in the white saree only started after a woman died there in a furious car accident, and it is believed her spirit till date resides there. Another important event reported by many passer-by’s and locals is a gush of force or negative energy kicking many people down during the night time. The Brar Square railway station has also reported many strange sightings because of the dark woods and cemeteries. Incidents of lots of strange deaths and suicides have been reported from the area of Brar Square.

The mystery of the Delhi Cantonment is still not very clear among the people and the authorities with no major incidents ever being reported. Apart from all these the are is full of cars and people during the daytime, but as soon as the sun sets down, no one knows the true nature of the place. The firm believers and eyewitnesses think it as the ghost spot, whereas the other people rubbishes the claim and think the Delhi Cantonment as any-other place in Delhi.


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